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Data sheets are in . This means you require a pdf reader to view the datasheets.
If a datasheet is not in English the language code (ISO 639) is appended in the last column of the table.
If you need a data sheet of a type number which is not in the tables, feel free to e-mail me. If I have a data sheet, I'll give it highest priority and add it as soon as possible. You can e-mail me in English or Dutch. Also German is possible but I can only read it a bit so I will reply in English.
By the way, if you have questions about the sound of tubes, don't ask me... I have no idea.
Note that many data sheets cover more then one tube. This means that you should look to the left most column in the tables for a tube type number. In the right most column the file name is listed which may have a different file name as this is usually the file name of the first ocurring tube type in the data sheet.
Thanks to many other people, this tube-data web-site has been made possible. Ryszard J. Barczynski (Poland), Patrik Schindler (Germany), Jan Münter (Germany), Aka Ho (Hong Kong), Kazuichi Shinjo (Japan) are so kind to have the tube data on their servers. A lot of people have sent me data, photos and other contributions. Especially John Atwood is to thank for a lot of American tube data sheets. See the list of people that contributed here.
Copyright: It is my intention not to publish data that belongs to someone else. Of course all scanned data is not my property but tube manufacturers only benefit from publicity (if they still exist!). If you should find data on my tube data pages that belongs to you, let me know.