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(up)date item size
2003-04-01 Valves for audio equipment EF86 ECC83 EZ81 GZ34 EL84 EL34. Thanks to Stéphane Maréchal. 917,597 bytes
2005-06-02 EL31 Application Report 1948. Thanks to Alan Blake. 2,552,906 bytes
2006-07-08 Master Valve Guide 1935. Thanks to David Porter. 10,602,354 bytes
2006-08-26 Ten-Watt Valve High-Quality Stereophonic Ampifier 1965. (EF86, ECL86, GZ34) 465,345 bytes
2006-10-13 A Quality Stereophonic Ampifier 1959. Thanks to Dennis Grimwood & Tom Bavis. 3,345,160 bytes
2009-09-22Microwave Devices and components 1960. Thanks to Paul Dallas.4776618 bytes
2009-09-22Disc Seal Triodes 1965. Thanks to Paul Dallas.1142253 bytes
2009-09-22Voltage Stabiliser and Reference Level Tubes 1964. Thanks to Paul Dallas.1800358 bytes
2009-09-22Gas-filled Rectifiers ~1962. Thanks to Paul Dallas.641437 bytes
2009-09-22Industrial Magnetrons 1964. Thanks to Paul Dallas.1051560 bytes
2009-09-22Reflex Klystrons 1960. Thanks to Paul Dallas.1713340 bytes
2009-09-22Electrometer Valves & Vibrating Capacitor ~1966. Thanks to Paul Dallas.952884 bytes
2009-09-22Maintenance type Receiving and Amplifying Valves 1967. Thanks to Paul Dallas.7859232 bytes
2009-09-22Special Quality Receiving Valves 1967. Thanks to Paul Dallas.4643601 bytes
2009-09-22Receiving and Amplifying Valves 1967. Thanks to Paul Dallas.15701499 bytes
2009-09-22Thyratrons, Ignitrons 1969. Thanks to Paul Dallas.5178086 bytes
2009-09-22Thyratrons, Trigger Tubes.pdf ~1967. Thanks to Paul Dallas.1486448 bytes
2009-09-22Travelling Wavw Tubes ~1968. Thanks to Paul Dallas.884393 bytes
2009-09-22Industrial and Transmitting Valves (1) ~1968. Thanks to Paul Dallas.7823755 bytes
2009-09-22Industrial and Transmitting Valves (2) ~1968. Thanks to Paul Dallas.8677636 bytes
2010-06-05 Valve & Service Reference Manual 1951. Thanks to David Porter. 10,252,856 bytes
2010-09-25 Valve and Service Guide 1946. Thanks to Simon Newbury. 7,594,388 bytes
2011-12-03 Flash Tubes LSD3, LDS5, LSD7, LSD24 420,819 bytes
2013-10-26 Valve & Service Reference Manual 1951. Thanks to Torben Larsen. 11,726,500 bytes
2016-05-21 Mullard_V1_ReceivingAndAmplifyingValves.pdf. Thanks to Alan Sayer. 178,422,829 bytes !
2016-05-21 Mullard_V1_ReceivingTubes.pdf. Thanks to Alan Sayer. 126,186,281 bytes !
2016-05-21 Mullard_V2_ReceivingValvesForMaintenance.pdf. Thanks to Alan Sayer. 145,070,207 bytes !
2016-05-21 Mullard_ValvesAndElectronTubes.pdf. Thanks to Alan Sayer. 9,064,992 bytes
2016-05-21 Electronic Counting Circuits/Techniques/Devices 1967. Thanks to Martin Forsberg. 44,185,203 bytes
2017-09-21 Technical Handbook Volume2. 153,954,720 bytes
2017-09-21 Technical Handbook Volume3A. 155,148,890 bytes
2017-09-21 Technical Handbook Volume3 PartI. 137,934,565 bytes
2017-09-21 Technical Handbook Volume6 PartI. 40,929,577 bytes
2017-09-21 Technical Data Service Book two Tubes. 57,449,228 bytes